2 Boran breed

 Welcome to Fazenda Borana

Jacaranda Agricultura Sul Lda. acquired the cattle ranch, Fazenda Borana in 2015.  The farm consists of several thousand hectares of land suitable for extensive grazing.

The farm is situated in the Southern Province of Maputo about 250 km from Maputo City. It is well positioned for supplying the country’s capital with high-quality meat for which there is a growing demand, as well as the local markets in the southern districts.

Immediately after the ranch was acquired, work commenced to improve the herd of roughly 1,000 animals. The mixed breed that existed at the farm, is being changed to the Boran breed which is very well suited for the local conditions.

The advantages of the Boran breed are many, such as early maturing and good maternal instincts, disease resistance, being well suited for extensive grazing, having highly developed herd instinct, and surviving periods with little water and feed. Most importantly, they produce very good quality meat.

The cattle are sold either live or processed to supermarkets and to the market in general in the capital Maputo and the southern districts, substituting imported beef.

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