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 The Ranch has around 1000 heads of cattle and aims at increasing the herd to 1200 heads through natural growth. Until the 1200 heads are reached, only steers and non-producing cows are sold, and all breeding animals are kept.

At Fazenda Borana, the animals graze extensively on the whole farm. Animals are kept in feedlots for up to 90 days in order to produce more and better meat before they are sold.

In addition to grazing on the natural vegetation, the cattle are at times fed sugar cane waste and leaves from Mopane trees. 

The production is based on natural feed and growth, only enhanced via a selection of the best animals. The meat from the animals is hence of high quality and contains more health benefits than traditional “supermarket” meat.
5 big dams, covering several hundred hectares, are established at the farm. Here water for the cattle is collected during the rainy season.

The dams are also used for grazing as the water sinks into the ground during the dry season and fresh and nutritious grass is secured year-round in these areas. 

The dams mitigate the effects of Climate Change and Global Warming which produces draughts that more and more often hit the southern part of the country where the farm is situated. Therefore, the dams are protected and constantly rebuilt as part of the farm’s yearly maintenance program.

30 people are employed at the farm. Employees receive extensive on-the-job training in the various aspects of cattle rearing.

All employees receive lunch at the farm. The farm has a vegetable garden that grows a variety of vegetables for the daily meal, and the employees can also buy fresh produce to take home.

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